Born in Israel, composer and music editor Shie Rozow (pronounced shy ro-zov) has taken a different path than most

leading him to work on major international blockbusters including AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, HUSTLE & FLOW, and 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS.

After completing Berklee’s four-year program in just five semesters (“being broke is a great incentive,” he explained), Shie graduated and moved to Los Angeles. His tenacity would earn him a job as Composer, Music Supervisor, and Music Editor at Alan Ett Music Group (now part of Spirit Music Group). In the years he worked there, Shie was responsible for over 650 hours of television music for series including INTIMATE PORTRAIT, BIOGRAPHY, HYSTORY’S MYSTERIES, and MODERN MARVELS. He also wrote music for the in-house music library.

The fighting spirit instilled in him from a young age, Shie’s parents forced him to take piano lessons as a kid – and he hated it! “I didn’t want anyone else to tell me how to do it,” he would later comment. When he was ready – and on his own terms – Shie hopped back on the bench, sat at the piano and wrote his first song. From that moment on, he taught himself how to play by ear. He spent every non-school moment thinking about music and hounded his father to buy him a synthesizer, getting very interested in the concept of creating and manipulating sounds.

While in boarding school, Shie’s teacher overheard him playing his synth in his room and encouraged him to join the band. Even though he couldn’t read or write music, Shie agreed and joined the band. In addition to performing, he was asked to arrange songs for the band – yet still was not able to read or write music! After high school and his obligatory military service in Israel, Shie attended Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music.

It was there that he met several American professors who were auditioning performers to award scholarships to study at Berklee School of Music. Though not a proficient performer himself, Shie convinced them to give him a chance as a composer and his persistence paid off when he was awarded a partial scholarship.

Shie left Alan Ett Music Group to go freelance. He later became music editor Richard Ford’s assistant, helping on such films as TRAINING DAY and ABOUT SCHMIDT, eventually becoming an in-demand music editor himself on films including CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, THE KINGDOM, and HUSTLE & FLOW. As a music editor, Shie has earned 15 Golden Reel Award nominations, including two wins (CHICAGO and IMAX: DEEP SEA).

Though his career in music editing was taking off, Shie continued to write music, often adding additional music for movies or TV (including the hit series DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES), writing for music libraries, for documentary and feature film productions. His scoring credits include John Singleton’s series REBEL, the indie feature #FOLLOWFRIDAY, the documentary DEAR MR. PRESIDENT and the award-winning indie feature JASMINE.

Guided by his inner voice, Shie was inspired to write and record music this time for himself. The album, Musical Fantasy, was released by 4Tay Records on May 20, 2016 and includes Expedition for String Quartet, which received its debut performance by The Lyris Quartet at a concert for the Contemporary Performance Collective and its New York premiere by the Amernet Quartet.