Musical Fantasy – Works by Shie Rozow

Musical Fantasy: Works by Shie Rozow
Release Date: 2016-05-20
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Album Review

Film and television composer Shie Rozow releases his debut classical CD Musical Fantasy through 4Tay Records. The album features performances by The Lyris Quartet, violist Luke Maurer, pianist Robert Thies, and the final recording of French horn player Brian O’Connor, who sadly passed away recently...

Shie Rozow's Musical Fantasy does pretty much what it says on the tin. Rozow is our guide as he leads us through his musical fantasy. The results are an impressive and well constructed classical album which will bring forth many emotions in the listener.

The album contains 8 tracks (45 min, 33 sec) and is, on balance a sweet, melancholic LP which delivers numerous beautiful segments of music. 'Expedition III Journey' and 'Expedition IV Uncharted Territory' are particularly heart-wrenchingly beautiful.

Lovers of classical music will find plenty to enjoy here.
- -- Darren Rea (